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ORM methods

Keeping the context in ORM methods

In OpenObject, the context holds very important data such as the language in which a document must be written, whether function field needs updating or not, etc.

When calling an ORM method, you will probably already have a context - for example the framework will provide you with one as a parameter of almost every method. If you do have a context, it is very important that you always pass it through to every single method you call.

This rule also applies to writing ORM methods. You should expect to receive a context as parameter, and always pass it through to every other method you call..

ORM methods

class osv.osv.osv(pool, cr)

Базовые классы: osv.orm.orm

create(cr, user, vals, context) → int

cr = database cursor user = user id vals = dictionary of the form {'field_name':field_value, ...}