This is the documentation for older versions of Odoo (formerly OpenERP).

See the new Odoo user documentation.

See the new Odoo technical documentation.

Microsoft Word interface

Open ERP supplies a Microsoft Word plugin that enables you to create your own document templates. What's more you can use the merge tool Tools ‣ Merge documents to insert data from Open ERP while you generate different business documents.

So you can create templates for a number of needs, such as proposals, business letters of agreement, or price requests. Each user can create his or her own document and use the plugin to obtain data from Open ERP. The plugin is very helpful for easily automating business actions.

Installing the Word plugin

The module for connecting Microsoft Word is also found in the list of Open ERP modules at Once it's been downloaded install the file tiny_word_plugin-X.exe .

When the program is installed, you must run Microsoft Word and configure the parameters that enable you to access the Open ERP server from Word. Click the menu Tools ‣ Open ERP options.


Menu for accessing the configuration of the plugin


Configuration of the Word plugin for accessing Open ERP

Using the Word interface

Start by selecting the module from which you want to make a report, for example a Sales Order. From Word you can access all the fields in an Open ERP Order, and all of the fields linked to that order such as from Order Lines, and from Products in those Order Lines.


Select the module that will generate the report

Complete your document and insert Open ERP fields into the appropriate places.


Add Open ERP fields into a Word document


Fields in red

When you've selected some fields and added them into your Word document, some of them appear in red. This color indicates that you can't use that particular field because it has a complex data relationships that can only be discovered when you start to use the field.

Select the merge tool from by clicking Perform Mail Merge from the toolbar. This connects Microsoft Word to Open ERP, at which point it searches for data to insert into the document. This tool enables you to select which documents must be included in the report. Make your selection and click Start Merge to run the tool that produces your different documents.


Selecting the Open ERP documents to use in the merge

Word then generates the documents by inserting the Open ERP data. You get one page for each selected document.


Result of merging a Word document with data from Open ERP


Testing the Word adapter

If you install the Word adapter as described, explore its functionality using the database as described in this section.

In 配置与系统管理 you'll see another, more powerful, module that enables you to create complete reports in through an interface added directly in Open ERP. So you can create your own templates, such as fax and invoice templates.

These reports can then be exported in PDF by leaving Open ERP, or can be edited before sending to a customer. So you can also personalize the details of your faxes and invoices as needed, even though they are based on your templates.