This is the documentation for older versions of Odoo (formerly OpenERP).

See the new Odoo user documentation.

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不要忘记在第二个选项卡其他信息中设置正确的参数选择一个好的物流和包装策略。在这里, 我们选择的Invoiche的生产管理本章中介绍的涵盖计划,订货,库存和产品从原材料和零部件的制造 或组装的。 此外,还讨论消费和生产的产品,以及必要的操作机器,工具或人力资源。

The management of manufacturing in OpenERP is based on its stock management and, like it, is very flexible in both its operations and its financial control. It benefits particularly from the use of double-entry stock management for production orders.

Manufacturing management is implemented by the mrp module. It is used for transforming all types of products:

  • Assemblies of parts: composite products, soldered or welded products, assemblies, packs,

  • Machined parts: machining, cutting, planing,

  • Foundries: clamping, heating,

  • Mixtures: mixing, chemical processes, distillation.

You'll work in two areas: on products in the first part of this chapter, and on operations in the second part. The management of products depends on the concept of classifications while the management of operations depends on routing and workcenters.



Bills of Materials, or manufacturing specifications, go by different names depending on their application area, for example:

  • Food: Recipes,

  • Chemicals: Equations,

  • Building: Plans.

For this chapter you should start with a fresh database that includes demo data, with mrp and its dependencies installed and no particular chart of accounts configured.