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Google Earth

模块名: google_earth


  1. 可以在 Google 地图上标注业务伙伴的名称,地址,编码,icon等

  2. And Turnover of country by partners, country appears in light red color => low turnover and with dark red color => high turnover.

  3. 可以用近10种颜色来区分城市与城市间的送货物流送货路线图.

  4. 可以创建可用于 Google Earth 动态更新的 KML 文件.

  5. 还可以直接在浏览器中打开 Google 地图 来显示信息.

  6. 可以生成 KML 文件保存并用于 Google 地图与 Google Earth.



在 Partners/ Google Map/Earth 菜单下面, 你可以找到5个菜单或者向导:

KML 文件:

If you want to use google_earth module you have to know about what is kml file and how to use it on google/map.


KML 标记

KML is a file format used to display geographic data in an Earth browser such as Google Earth, Google Maps, and Google Maps for mobile. KML uses a tag-based structure with nested elements and attributes and is based on the XML standard. All tags are case-sensitive and must be appear exactly as they are listed in the KML Reference. The Reference indicates which tags are optional. Within a given element, tags must appear in the order shown in the Reference.


现在来看看怎么样将一个 KML 文件上传到 Google 地图:

第一步: 先创建一个地图链接

第二步: 导入

第三步: 上传 KML 文件

Differnce between Google Map and Google Earth:

Google 地图只能通过浏览器访问. 而 Google Earth 则是一个下载后安装在你电脑上, 通过桌面应用访问卫星地图的软件. 虽然这样, Google 还是会定期同步更新两款产品的功能.尽量操持两款产品的一致性.

上传完 KML 文件后, 可以在 Google 地图片看到:

  1. 业务伙伴同国家的KML文件 Partner-Country


下面的截图展示了 业务伙伴的国家, 以及业务伙伴在这个国家的营业额. 在地图上通过点击选中的国家,能获取该国的业务伙伴数, 业务往来以及整个国家的营业额.



  1. 用于发货路线的KML文件 Delivery Route


This is the screen shot for finding the delievery routes from warehouse location to customer location. Here we can see there are different routes in different colours. By clicking on particular route we get the information about Customer Location, Warehouse Location, Number of Products sent and Number of delieveries made.

  1. 用于业务伙伴 的 KML 文件 Partners


下面的截图展示了 全球的所有业务伙伴, 可以在地图中标出业务伙伴的特定地址, 点击这些点可以获取业务伙伴的如 名称, 代码, 业务伙伴类型(客户? 供应商?), 地址, 营业额, 销售额, 采购额, 应收汇总等等信息.

  1. 网络分享向导 Network link




A special kind of kml file which has networklink tag inside it which contains link of your kml file.

This wizard will create network link in kml for different objects and save it to your computer and then you have to upload network link kml to google earth/map. It can update data periodically by looking networklink kml files parameters(refreshtime,interval....).For e.g if you have inserted new partner then google earth can able to fetch that new partner from webservice of etiny.


If you ticked partner and country, wizard will create two link tag with url/path of two kml whenever you will upload this kml file it will show both partner and country information on earth and update that information by given interval time (using url/path ).


First, path shows a url (HTTP address) means your web-client path with port number where your etiny services running.

RefreshMode 指定数据更新模式, 有下面几个选项:

onChange - 当链接参数发生变化时(这是默认的选项).

onInterval - 按 refreshInterval 秒数进行周期更新.(参见 <refreshInterval>).

onExpire - 按文件的到期时间进行更新.

RefreshInterval 指定更新的周期秒数

ViewRefreshMode 查看模式时的更新设定 指定 "Camera" 更改时, 链接更新.

never(default) - 查看时,忽略 <viewFormat> 参数,不更新。(默认选项)

onStop - 查看时, 停留 viewRefreshTime 指定秒后, 再更新。 参阅 <viewRefreshTime>.

onRequest - 用户手动更新(如在 Google Earth 中, 用户右键菜单中的"更新")

onRegion - 仅更新查看的区域的文件.

View Refresh Time specifies the number of seconds to wait before refreshing the view, after camera movement stops.

  1. 打开Google 地图向导*


本向导可以直接在浏览器中打开 Google 地图.

For e.g. If you want to open that map for partner-country, then it will directly open google map for partner with coutries in browser.

在上图中的 Path 字段里 "" 后面提供了一个 web-client 的URL. 另一个字段则指定了地图上显示 "合作伙伴", "合作伙伴/国家",还是"送货路线". 然后 就可以按你指定的参数打开Google 地图。

你打开后的浏览器的URL 看起来类似