This is the documentation for older versions of Odoo (formerly OpenERP).

See the new Odoo user documentation.

See the new Odoo technical documentation.

Working in teams


Who are the different actors in the community of OpenERP.


Contributors are people who want to help the project improve, add functionality and improve stability. Anyone can contribute on the project by reporting bugs, proposing some improvement and posting patch.

The community team is available on launchpad:

Members of the quality and commiter team are automatically members of the community.

Official Committers

Official committers are people allowed to commit in the community repository. Those people are approved as committers by the community once they've done enough good patch and/or contributions in the project.

They are allowed to :

  • Propose and post their own patches against bug reports.

  • Review patches from contributors, comments and / or improve them.

  • Commit well done patch or contribution in the community repository.

  • Write a news on the Planet OpenERP RSS

The commiter team list is available on launchpad:

Quality Team

Quality team are people from Tiny sprl responsible for the quality of the Official repository. They assure the stability and coherence of the Official version by reviewing community patches and commits.

They're in charge to merge the commit from Community repository to Official repository. "Extra_addons" and "Others" repository are not part of their responsibility.

If a commit isn't good enough, they must remove it from Community repository and report it in the bug tracker. Otherwise they will apply the proposed commit in the Official version. This way everyone stays aware about what is or isn't accepted.

The quality team list is available on launchpad:



To help developers and contributors make the right decisions when improving OpenERP, we set up expert teams for different management domains. Only people that have a strong experience in OpenERP and the related domain can apply as an expert. We have teams of accountants, manufacturing experts, technical experts, services management experts, ...

Developers can contact our experts mailing list when they need feedback on particular features to be developed. Please contact our experts only for new development related questions. They don't provide help on current features of OpenERP. Most of our experts have very senior positions in the company they work for, so they don't have time to spend providing help or support.

Expert Teams

Requesting Advice from a Team

When you create a specification for a new feature on launchpad (called a blueprint), you can assign an expert team as a drafter of the specification. Then, you can click on request feedback on your blueprint and assign this to an expert team.

They will receive a notification email and will discuss the requested feature. The team will improve your specifications directly in your blueprint.

Translators team

Community Team