This is the documentation for older versions of Odoo (formerly OpenERP).

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Для управления уведомлениями, относящимися к продуктам или партнерам, установите модуль warning. После его установки, вы сможете настраивать последовательности уведомлений о партнерах или продуктах путем установки параметров в новой вкладке Уведомления (Warnings) на каждой форме.

You can select any of the following types of warnings and create different warnings for purchases and for sales:

  • No Message: This option will not display a message.

  • Warning: This option will show the user the message entered.

  • Blocking Message: The message displayed will cause an exception and block the workflow.

You can activate alerts for a series of events. For each alert, you should enter a message that will be displayed when the event concerned is started.


Управление уведомлениями, связанными с партнерами

The available warnings in the partner form are:

  • Create a warning for a sales order,

  • Create a warning for a purchase order,

  • Create a warning for a delivery to a partner (or receiving an item),

  • Create a warning when invoicing a partner.

For example, if you enter an alert for the invoicing of a customer, for an accountant entering an invoice for that customer, the alert message will be attached as shown in the figure Alert from Invoicing a Customer.


Alert from Invoicing a Customer


Management of Alerts on Products

The alerts that can be configured on a product form are related to:

  • The sales of that product,

  • Закупка данного продукта.

A practical example:

Now when could you use such an alert? Suppose that your customer asks you to never make any deliveries on Tuesday morning, because the street is blocked due to a weekly market. You surely would like your transporter to be aware of this, so it could be useful to have a kind of message printed by default on each delivery order for this customer. To do this, you could create a Warning on the Picking in the Customer form of the partner concerned, saying that no deliveries are allowed on Tuesday morning.