This is the documentation for older versions of Odoo (formerly OpenERP).

See the new Odoo user documentation.

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Keep Track of your Margins

For every company, keeping a clear sight on and a good control of margins is crucial. Even if you have a good sales level, it will not guarantee company profitability if margins are not high enough. OpenERP provides a number of methods allowing you to monitor your sales margins. The main ones are:

  • Маржа заказов на продажу (Margins on a sales order),

  • Маржа по продуктам (Margins by product),

  • Маржа по проектам (Margins by project),

  • Using pricelists.

Margins on Sales Orders

If you want to check your margins on sales orders, you can install the sale_margin module by selecting Margins in Sales Orders for installation in the Reconfigure wizard. This will add margins calculated on each order line and on the order total.


Форма Заказа при установленном модуле sale_margin

The margin on each line is defined as the quantity sold multiplied by the sales price for the customer less the cost price of the products. By default, products are managed using standard price in OpenERP (cost price fixed manually and reviewed once per year). You can change that to Average Price, meaning that the product cost fluctuates with purchases from suppliers. After product receipt you can include fixed costs, such as delivery costs, in the cost of each product.

OpenERP supports a third method of updating the cost price of products. This is through the button Update on the product form which lets you automatically recalculate the cost price for the selected product. The cost price is calculated from the raw materials and the operations carried out (if the products have been manufactured internally, so that you have set their costs).

Margins by Product

To track margins by product, install the module product_margin. Once the module is installed you can see the margins by product by using the menu Sales ‣ Products ‣ Product Margins.

When you have clicked the menu option concerned, OpenERP asks for an analysis period and the state of invoices (draft, open, paid). If no period is given, OpenERP will calculate margins on all of the operations without restriction. By default, however, OpenERP proposes a period of the last 12 months for analysis.

Вы можете применить к анализу фильтр по определенным типам счетов:

  • All invoices, including unvalidated draft invoices,

  • Все незакрытые и/или оплаченные счета,

  • Только оплаченные счета.


Product Margins

You then get a margin analysis table. The following fields are displayed for the sales of each product:

  • Avg. Unit Price: the average unit sales price,

  • Catalog Price: the list price based on this product,

  • # Invoiced: the number of sold products that have been invoiced,

  • Sales Gap: the difference between the revenue calculated from list price and volume, and the actual sales,

  • Turnover: the actual sales revenue for the product selected,

  • Expected Sale: the number of products sold multiplied by the list price.


Margin Details for a Given Product

Для закупок доступны следующие поля по продуктам:

  • Ср. цена за ед. (Avg. Unit price) : средняя цена закупки за единицу продукта,

  • Стандартная цена (Standard price) : стандартные затраты на продукт для компании,

  • Кол-во счетов (# Invoiced) : количество закупленных продуктов,

  • Purchase Gap: the difference between the total actual cost and the standard cost multiplied by the number of units purchased,

  • Total Cost: the total cost of purchases for the product under consideration,

  • Normal Cost: the number of products sold multiplied by the standard cost price.

Для маржи по продукту имеются следующие поля:

  • Итого маржа (Total Margin),

  • Ожидаемая маржа (Expected Margin),

  • Итого маржа в процентах (Total Margin in percent),

  • Ожидаемая маржа в процентах (Expected Margin in percent).

Маржа по Проектам

To manage margins by project, you should install the analytical accounts with management by task. The use of these accounts is described in Счета аналитики.

Установите модуль account_analytic_analysis и все его зависимости. Этот модуль добавляет закладку к форме аналитического счета для обработки различной маржи в аналитическом счете, представляющем проект или дело, и предоставляет несколько новых отчетов по этим счетам.


Информация маржи для данного дела

Start by opening a project's analytic account through Project ‣ Billing ‣ Overpassed Accounts and selecting one of them. In the form's Analysis summary tab you will find the following information:

  • Итоговые затраты по аналитическому счету,

  • Общее количество продаж, по которым выставлены счета,

  • Количество отработанных часов,

  • Оставшееся количество часов, которые надо отработать,

  • Оставшаяся (не полученная) выручка,

  • The theoretical income (hours worked multiplied by their sale price),

  • Количество часов, по которым выставлены счета,

  • Реальная выручка за час,

  • Реальная маржа,

  • Теоретическая маржа, принимающее в расчет все, что еще предстоит включить в счет,

  • Реальная маржа в процентах,

  • Дата последнего выставления счета,

  • Последнее количество отработанных часов,

  • Количество часов, по которым предстоит выставить счет,

  • Оставшаяся сумма счета к выставлению.

Для подробной информации по аналитическому счету вы можете использовать любые отчеты из набора отчетов, доступных через расположенную справа панель.