This is the documentation for older versions of Odoo (formerly OpenERP).

See the new Odoo user documentation.

See the new Odoo technical documentation.

Form views


  • 默认情况下,每个字段由label开始,以字段名称代表该字段。

  • 字段在屏幕上按照从左到右,从上到下的顺序显示,是依照他们在视图中的显示顺序。

  • Every screen is divided into 4 columns, each column being able to contain either a label, or an "edition" field. As every edition field is preceded (by default) by a label with its name, there will be two fields (and their respective labels) on each line of the screen. The green and red zones on the screen-shot below, illustrate those 4 columns. They designate respectively the labels and their corresponding fields.



  • 一个视图字段可以有多列。例如,下面的截图中,蓝框的区域事实上是一个“one to many”的字段。我们注意到该字段是整个屏幕的宽度,而不是一列。

  • 我们同样可以做相反的操作:将一列分成任意的多列。上图中的绿框区域正好就说明这个情况。更准确的说,绿框看着是两列,其实包括着4列。