This is the documentation for older versions of Odoo (formerly OpenERP).

See the new Odoo user documentation.

See the new Odoo technical documentation.

What's New in OpenERP

General Features

  • OpenERP has been structured as Business Applications and its menu has been changed to match this,

  • Major improvements in usability, especially in the Web version,

  • Simplified versus Extended view,

  • When you search for a record, e.g. a customer / supplier, the web version will propose to create the new partner when no existing partner is found,

  • When you click a Business Application in the Web version, the related Dashboard will be opened,

  • To display the process view, click the Question Mark next to the title in the web version,

  • Menutips & Tooltips will be displayed to explain more about the active screen,

  • Dynamic Filters which allow you to easily create and save your own filters, with Group by options, Extended filters, and much more,

  • User Roles are no longer used, they have been integrated in the User Groups,

  • The Administrator will now only have the rights according to the user groups that have been assigned to him,

  • Multicompany has been integrated in the core of OpenERP and does not require the installation of modules. You just have to add the User Group Useability / Multi-Company,

  • Perform actions, such as update status, confirm, delete, ... directly from List View,

  • Use communication tools such as Fetchmail, Outlook & Thunderbird integration and CalDAV / WebDAV (also available on Android & Iphone),

  • Create your own e-mail templates for use throughout OpenERP,

  • Use the Scheduler for objects other than Manufacturing too,

  • Click the star in the web version to quickly create a shortcut for a screen you often use,

  • When you perform an action in List view in the web version, (i.e. change the status of a lead), OpenERP will display a bar containing information about this change. You can click the link to open the lead concerned,

  • Updated configuration wizard to install new features using OpenERP modules in user friendly way.