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OpenERP Documentation v6.1


The online OpenERP books present a new integrated approach to enterprise management and development best-practices. You can have a look at our printed books or PDF versions.

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Tutoriel OpenERP

Une approche fonctionnelle d'OpenERP

Livre des Développeurs

Technical reference for creating your own modules (see also technical memento techmem)

Manuels d'Installation

Manuels d'installation pas-à-pas

Le livre de la Communauté

Directives et Organisation de la Communauté OpenERP

OpenERP Apps

Bibliothèque de toutes les applications OpenERP (les officielles et les communautaires)

Licenses OpenERP

Licenses de Logiciels et documentation

Directives d'Utilisabilité

Usability guidelines for creating OpenERP Applications


Foire aux questions

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Table des Matières

Liste des sections et sous-sections

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Recherche dans la documentation


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This documentation is based on version 6.1 of OpenERP and was last updated 2019-01-03