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Attendances and Timesheet Management

In most service companies where OpenERP has been integrated, service sheets, or timesheets, have revolutionized management practices. These service sheets are produced by each employee as they work on the different cases or projects that are running. Each of these is represented by an analytic account in the system.

Throughout the day, when employees work on one project or another, they add a line to the timesheets with details of the time used on each project. At the end of the day, each employee must mark all the time worked on client or internal projects to make up the full number of hours worked in the day. If an account is not in the system, then the time is added to the hours that have not been assigned for the day.


Табель за рабочий день

На рисунке «Табель за рабочий день» показан пример табеля сотрудника.


Do not confuse timesheets and attendance compliance

The timesheet system is not intended to be a disguised attendance form. There is no control over the service times and the employee is free to encode 8 or 9 hours or more of services each day if they want.

If you decide to put such a system into place, it is important to clarify this point with your staff. The objective here is not to control hours, because the employees decide for themselves what they will be entering – but to track the tasks running and the allocation of costs between them is the responsibility of the management.

To enable your system with all the features related to Timesheet, you need to install Timesheet module from module list or Go to menu Settings ‣ Configuration ‣ Human Resources tick Manage timesheets and click on apply button..


Install Timesheet Module

Среди многих способов применения такой системы табелей в компании, вот некоторые наиболее важные:

  • возможность отслеживания реальной стоимости проекта при помощи учета потраченного на него времени,

  • отслеживание услуг, предоставляемых различными сотрудниками,

  • сравнение часов, реально затраченных на проект, с начальными запланированными оценками,

  • автоматическая подготовка счетов на основе оказанных услуг, измеренных в часах,

  • получение списка услуг, измеренных в часах, для данного клиента,

  • выяснение расходов, необходимых для работы компании, таких как расходы на маркетинг, затраты на обучение для новых сотрудников, и ставок для выставления счетов клиенту.

Timesheet Categories

You will need to install the Manufacturing application (mrp) in order to access timesheet categories. The different timesheet categories (working time sessions) can be defined through the menu Manufacturing ‣ Configuration ‣ Resources ‣ Working Time and selecting one of the groups there such as 45 Hours/Week.


Timesheet category for full time 45 hours per week

Entering Timesheet Data

To be able to use timesheets fully, install the module hr_timesheet_sheet from module list or Go to menu Settings ‣ Configuration ‣ Human Resources tick `Allow timesheets validation by managers and click on apply button.. Once this module has been installed and the employees configured, the different system users can enter their timesheet data in the menu Human Resources ‣ Time Tracking ‣ Timesheet Activities, then click Create.


Shortcut to Timesheets

It is a good idea if all employees who use timesheets place this menu in their shortcuts. That is because they will need to return to them several times each day.

Для новой записи:

  1. The User : proposed by default, but you can change it if you are encoding the first timesheet for another company employee.

  2. The Date : automatically proposed as today's date, but it is possible to change it if you are encoding the timesheet for a prior day.

  3. Analytic Account : for the project you have been working on - obviously it should be predefined.

  4. Описание (Description) : текстовое описание проделанной за данное время работы, в свободной форме.

  5. Duration : number of units of time (the units are defined as part of the product).

The other fields are automatically completed, but can be modified: the Product which is the service product such as consultancy, the Unit of Measure (predefined, and could perhaps be minutes, hours or days), the Cost of the service (which is calculated by default), and the associated General Account.

Каждым сотрудником в течение рабочего дня вносится информация о количестве часов. Полезно вернуться к списку в конце дня, чтобы проверить, что количество часов присутствия в компании было учтено должным образом. Итоговая величина показана в правой нижней части списка отработанных часов.


Hiding Service Costs

By default, OpenERP is configured to show the amount of each service when an employee encodes the number of hours per project. You can modify this field by adding the attribute invisible=True in the timesheet view.

(And the way to do that is either to modify the view on the file system, or click on the logged in user at top-right and select About OpenERP and then select Activate the developer mode.Now go to the HR ‣ Time Tracking ‣ Timesheet Activities menu. Click on Debug View# and then select Edit TreeView.

If you have sufficient permissions, you can edit the XML that defines the current view.)

The value in the Amount field shows employees the cost of their time used in the company, so masking this field might not always be the best option.

Точность внесения услуг имеет решающее значение для расчета рентабельности различных рабочих мест и выставления счетов за услуги. Соответственно для проверки правильности внесенных сотрудниками данных существуют различные отчеты. Сотрудники могут проверить свои табели, используя следующие отчеты:

  • Printing the particular employee's timesheet, using the menu Reporting ‣ Human Resources ‣ Employee Timesheet.

  • Printing more than one employees' timesheet, using the menu Reporting ‣ Human Resources ‣ Reports ‣ Employees Timesheet.You can print a summary in the form of a table per user and per day.


Табель сотрудника с итогами за месяц

  • Reviewing profit of timesheet, using the menu Reporting ‣ Human Resources ‣ Reports ‣ Timesheet Profit.

  • You can then use the statistical reports to analyze your services by period, by product or by account using the menu Reporting ‣ Human Resources ‣ Timesheet Analysis and Reporting ‣ Human Resources ‣ Timesheet Sheet Analysis.


Диаграмма табелей по счетам учета

Evaluation of Service Costs

Вы уже знаете, что табели тесно связаны со счетами аналитики. Различные проекты, перечисленные в табелях, соответствуют аналитическим счетам. Записи табеля сами являются аналитическими записями.

These entries comprise various analytic operations that do not correspond to any of the general accounts. Therefore all operations that modify and create timesheet lines automatically impact the corresponding analytic line and, conversely are automatically modified by changes in that line.


Timesheets and Analytical Data

The implementation of timesheets in OpenERP relating to analytic entries is managed by an inheritance mechanism: the timesheet object inherits the analytic entry object.

The information is therefore not encoded into the database as two separate events, which avoids many synchronization problems. They are stored in two different tables, however, because a service is an analytical entry, but an analytical entry is not necessarily a service.

This is not a classical approach, but it is logical and pragmatic. Employee timesheets are a good indication of how the costs of a service enterprise are spread across different cases, as reported in the analytic accounts.

An analytic account should be reflected in the general accounts, but there is no direct counterpart of these analytic accounts in the general accounts. Instead, if the hourly costs of the employees are correctly accounted for, the month's timesheet entries should be balanced by the salary + benefits package paid out to all the employees at the end of the month.

Despite all this, it is quite difficult to work out the average hourly cost of an employee precisely, because it depends on:

  • the extra hours that they have worked,

  • отпусков и больничных,

  • изменениями зарплаты и всех связанных затрат, таких, как плата за социальное страхование.

Отчеты, которые позволяют соотнести счета общего учета и аналитические счета, являются ценными инструментами для улучшения вашей оценки различных почасовых затрат на сотрудников. Разница между материальными балансами в аналитическом учете и в счетах общего учета делится на общее количество отработанных часов, затем полученную величину можно будет применить к стоимости продукта. Некоторые компании корректируют эту разницу путем проведения другой аналитической операции на конец месяца в созданном для этой цели счете. Этот аналитический счет должен иметь баланс, стремящийся к нулю.

Because you have got a system with integrated timesheets, you can then:

  • отслеживать прибыльность проектов в аналитических счетах,

  • просматривать историю записей табеля по проектам и по сотрудникам,

  • регулярно корректировать почасовую стоимость сравнением принятых ставок с реальностью,


Контроль и управление стоимостью проекта

Точный контроль стоимости и прибыльности проектов очень важен.

Он дает вам возможность делать хорошие оценки и отслеживать бюджеты, выделенные на различные услуги и проекты, такие как продажи, стоимость исследований и разработки. Вы можете также улучшить ваши аргументы на основе фактического материала, а не догадок, если вам необходимо изменить забуксовавший договор с потребителем.

Анализ прибыльности по проекту и сотруднику доступен из аналитических счетов. Во внимание принимаются все выставленные счета, а также стоимость времени, потраченного на каждый проект.

Manage attendance through Sign in / Sign out

In some companies, staff have to sign in when they arrive at work and sign out again at the end of the day. If each employee has been linked to a system user, then they can sign in on OpenERP by using the menu Human Resources ‣ Attendances ‣ Sign in / Sign out.

Если сотрудник забыл зарегистрировать уход, система предполагает что он записался в журнале вручную, и внесет время своего ухода, когда явится на следующий день. Это дает вам возможность простого управления забытыми регистрациями ухода с работы.

Find employee attendance details from their forms in Human Resources ‣ Employees.

To get the detail of attendance from an employee's form in OpenERP, you can use the available reports:

  • Attendances By Month

  • Attendances By Week

  • Attendance Error Report

The last report highlights errors in attendance data entry. It shows you whether an employee has entered the time of entry or exit manually and the differences between the actual and expected sign out time and the time.

Keep track of differences between timesheets and attendance

When they are used properly, timesheets can be a good control tool for project managers and can provide awareness of costs and times.

Система управления должна быть внедрена, если важна работа сотрудников как команды. Все сотрудники должны заполнять свою табели правильно, потому что это лежит в основе планирования контроля и финансового управления и выставления счетов по проектам.

You will see in Deliver Quality Services that you can automatically invoice services at the end of the month based on the timesheet. But at the same time, some contracts are limited to prepaid hours. These hours and their deduction from the original limit are also managed by these timesheets.

In such a situation, hours that are not coded into the timesheets represent lost money for the company. So it is important to establish effective follow-up of the services timesheets and their encoding. To set up a structure for control using timesheets you should install the module hr_timesheet_sheet (Timesheets in the Reconfigure wizard).


Процесс утверждения табеля

This module supplies a new screen enabling you to manage timesheets by period. Timesheet entries are made by employees each day. At the end of the week, employees validate their week's sheet and it is then passed to the services manager, who must approve his team's entries. Periods are defined in the company forms, and you can set them to run monthly or weekly.

To enter timesheet data each employee uses the menu Human Resources ‣ Time Tracking ‣ My Current Timesheet.


Форма для внесения данных табеля

This form describes summary of attendance (total hours) of employee.

The second tab of the timesheet, Details, gives the number of hours worked on the different projects.


Detail of hours worked on different projects for an employee

The third tab of timesheet, Attendances, shows when there is a gap between the attendance and the timesheet entries, you can use the third tab to detect the days or the entries that have not been correctly entered.

The user starts with the sign-in and sign-out times. The system enables the control of attendance day by day. The two buttons Sign In and Sign Out enable the automatic completion of hours in the area to the right. These hours can be modified by employee, so it is not a true management control system.


Подробная информация отработанных сотрудником часов, по дням

The button Timesheet Activities shows the time worked on all the different projects. That enables you to step back to see an overview of the time an employee has worked spread over different projects.

At the end of the week or the month, the employee can submit his/her timesheet to manager by clicking on button Submit to Manager.

Each manager can then look at a list of his department's timesheets waiting for approval using the menu Reporting ‣ Human Resource ‣ Timesheet Sheet Analysis by applying the proper filters. He then has to approve them or return them to their initial state.

To define the departmental structure, use the menu Human Resources ‣ Configuration ‣ Human Resources ‣ Departments.


Timesheet Approval

At first sight, the approval of timesheets by a department manager can seem a bureaucratic hindrance. This operation is crucial for effective management, however. We have too frequently seen companies in the situation where managers are so overworked that they do not know what their employees are doing.

Так что это процесс утверждения дает руководителю понимание работы каждого сотрудника, по крайней мере раз в неделю. И это осуществляется при помощи учета отработанных часов на всех различных проектах.

Once the timesheets have been approved, you can then use them for cost control and for invoicing hours to clients.

Договоры и их ставки, планирование, и методы подготовки счетов описаны в следующей части, «Deliver Quality Services».