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Интегрированное управление документами

Information management has become a major strategic factor in company's development. It is important to get the right information circulated to the right people, as efficiently as possible, yet still keep it secure. Document management provides a way for companies to organize their information, in all its forms, in one place.

The objectives of document management include easier archiving, access and reference, intelligent classification and distribution of documents and the information they contain. It concerns sets of all sorts of company documents such as work procedures, meeting reports, documents received from customers and suppliers, documents sent to customers, faxes, sales presentations and product datasheets.

Для изучения данного раздела вы должны начать с новой базой данных, включающей демонстрационные данные, с установленными модулями sale, document, и их зависимостями, и без специально настроенного плана счетов.