This is the documentation for older versions of Odoo (formerly OpenERP).

See the new Odoo user documentation.

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Subscribe & Start

Whether you want to test OpenERP or put it into full production, you have at least two possible starting points:

  • you can use OpenERP Online by subscribing to;

  • you can install the solution on your own computers to test it in your company's system environment.

In this chapter, the easy-to-use OpenERP Online solution will be briefly explained. For more information about installing OpenERP on your computer, please refer to the chapter part5-crm-install.


Some Interesting Websites from OpenERP


Current documentation

The procedure for installing OpenERP and its web server are likely to change and improve with each new version, so you should always check each release's documentation on the website for the latest installation procedures.

Use OpenERP Online

Nothing is easier for you to discover OpenERP than subscribing to the OpenERP Online offer. You just need a web browser to get started.

The Online service can be particularly useful to small companies, that just want to get going quickly at low cost. You have immediate access to OpenERP's Integrated Management System built on the type of enterprise architecture used in many organizations.

OpenERP's Online offer includes several services: hosting at high bandwidth, database management, stable security update, backups, maintenance (24/7 server monitoring), bug fixing and migrations.

OpenERP guarantees that the software running on OpenERP Online is exactly the same as the Open Source official version of OpenERP. Any improvement made on OpenERP will be available online. This allows you to easily switch from the online version to the local version anytime.

So even if the OpenERP Online solution might be the best solution to suit your needs today, you can easily switch to an installation on your own servers according to your company's changing requirements or growth. You are also able to change your service provider anytime, while continuing to use the exact same system. Hence, you do not depend on your host. In addition, OpenERP works with standard and open formats and programming languages which allow you to export your data and use them in any other software.

These advantages give you total control over your data, your software, your platform.


Subscribe and Start with OpenERP Online

If you want to start working with the online platform, you can navigate to After successful registration, you will be able to configure and use OpenERP online. To log in to your OpenERP Online account, you will receive a username and password. You can build the software to fit your needs, at your own pace!

OpenERP Online - Software as a Service - is hosted by OpenERP and paid in the form of a monthly subscription. The pricing model is extremely simple. OpenERP charges a fixed fee per month per user. You will get an invoice each month according to the number of users registered in the system at that time. If you add new users during the next 30 days, they will only be charged with the next invoice. You can find the details of current pricing and payment options at


Free Trial

For a month's free trial, check out OpenERP's, which enables you to get started quickly without incurring costs for integration or for buying computer systems. After the free trial expires, you can easily continue using OpenERP Online.