This is the documentation for older versions of Odoo (formerly OpenERP).

See the new Odoo user documentation.

See the new Odoo technical documentation.

Managing your Indirect Sales

OpenERP will help you to manage your Channel Partners. You can geolocalize your opportunities by installing typing crm_partner_assign module from module list. The module will be installed and the menus Sales ‣ Configuration ‣ Leads & Opportunities ‣ Partner Grade and Reporting ‣ Sales ‣ Opp. Assignment Analysis will be added.

Forwarding Opportunities to Channel Partners

You can use geolocalization to assign and forward opportunities to channel partners.

Through Sales ‣ Configuration ‣ Leads & Opportunities ‣ Partner Grade, you can create partner grades to classify your partners, such as Gold Partner, Silver Partner, Ready Partner. These grades will be used to determine who gets assigned which kind of opportunities.

Assign the Partner Level on the Geo Localization tab of the Customer form. Also assign a Weight to determine the probability of assigning opportunities to a partner. The weight might for instance be how much the partner pays for their channel partner contract.

How can you tell OpenERP to geolocalize an opportunity?

Either you convert a promising lead to an opportunity, or you go directly to the opportunity you wish to assign to the channel partner. Go to the Assignation tab of the Opportunities form, and click the Geo Assign button. The location of the partner in the opportunity will be matched with the geolatitude and the weight of the channel partners. The most appropriate channel partner will be assigned.

For Example,customer(Agrolait) has 2 partners,Michel Fletcher and Thomas Passot in his region. Now,suppose opportunity(Interest in product) has customer Agrolait, and now go to Assignation tab. After clicking Geo Assign button, Assign Partner field shows Michel Fletcher, because Michel Fletcher is one of the partner of Agroalait in nearest region, so it shows that result. The following image shows this example,


Assignation of Partner



You can also use the geolocalisation without GPS coordinates.

Now you can decide whether this is the correct channel partner for this opportunity. If you feel that another channel partner would be better to follow up this opportunity , you can change the assigned channel partner.

To automatically inform the channel partner of the new opportunity, proceed as follows.

Click the Forward button to automatically send an email to the assigned partner with all the details of the opportunity and the prospect. When forwarding an opportunity to a partner, you can select which information you want to send: Latest email, Whole Story or Case Information. You can add a cc and add attachments to the mail. You can send the mail to the partner (any contact person you want), to an OpenERP user or to an email address you specify.

To allow your salespeople to keep a view on forwarded opportunities, the assigned opportunity will be displayed for the selected channel partner on the Geo Localization tab of the Customer form.

Use the Opportunity Assignment Analysis for your reporting, you can use the menu Reporting ‣ Sales ‣ Opp. Assignment Analysis.

Geolocalization of a Partner

To determine the geographic location of your partners, you do not have to enter the GPS coordinates yourself. OpenERP can do this for you. All you have to do is click the Geo Localize button in the Customer form. The GPS coordinates will now be filled according to the address of the partner.

In the partner form, the Geo Localization tab gives you the information you need.

As explain in above example of Assign Partner , assign partner is Michel, so he has this opportunity and it is shown in following image.


Geolocalizing a Partner