This is the documentation for older versions of Odoo (formerly OpenERP).

See the new Odoo user documentation.

See the new Odoo technical documentation.

Long Term Project Planning

You can plan your projects with Long Term Planning. To do this, selecting Manage resources planning on gantt view in the Settings ‣ Configuration ‣ Project Planning section. This installs the project_long_term module. By using this feature, you can link tasks to your planning to have a great view of who will do what at a specific time.

The traditional phased approach identifies the sequence of steps to be completed. Faces library is used for scheduling phases and tasks based on calendar resources. So resource availability or resource leaves are tracked using this tool. The Gantt chart allows you to easily manage your resources and plans by simple drag & drop. The Calendar view also helps you map your deadlines and tasks needing attention.

Project Phases

You can subdivide your larger projects into several phases. To define a new phase, go to Project ‣ Project ‣ Project Phases and click Create. You must link your phase to a project through the Project field. For each phase, you have to define Duration. On the Team Planning tab you can add Phases Team Members, in Tasks details tab you can describe the different tasks and link your phase to previous and Next ones though constraints tab. You can also add dates and sequence constraints tab.


Form View of Project Phase


You need to define a working schedule and leaves, since the project scheduler will use these to calculate the project dates. Ensure that you have entered a working schedule for your project in the Working Time field in the Other Info tab of the Project form. This is useful to generate accurate Gantt charts for your project.

If you have tasks related to a phase, you can see them in the Tasks Details tab of your phase form.

You can similarly derive the Gantt charts for Project Phases and Members in the following ways:

Compute Phase Scheduling

Obtain the Gantt chart for Project Phases through the menu Project ‣ Scheduling ‣ Compute Phase Scheduling. A dialog box will appear, allowing you to select all projects or a single project. It will compute the start date and end date of the phases which are in draft, open and pending state of the given project. Click Compute to open Gantt view.


Schedule Phase


Gantt Chart for Project Phases

Compute Tasks Scheduling

This feature has the same purpose as the previous one and is used only for projects that are not cut in phases, but only consist of a list of tasks. To access it, go to Project ‣ Scheduling ‣ Compute Task Scheduling. You must and can select only a single project for computation. It shows the Gantt chart for Members.


Schedule Tasks


Gantt Chart for Members