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Now that we have defined the different actors, we can define our product that will be stored in Belgium and proposed to sell in France. Go to Sales ‣ Products ‣ Products and create a new product with the following specifications:


Defining Products

In the Procurements tab, you can select the supplier defined above. In the tab Inventory, we will define the different flows in order to share the different objects between the companies. To order the product in Belgium from a sales order made in France, we will define a Pull flow.


In our process, we have to create a pull flow, because the process begins with a need from OpenERP France. OpenERP France needs some products ordered by the customers.

The flow will go through our two child companies. The starting point is OpenERP Belgium that will supply OpenERP France that will supply the goods to the customer.

We can draw the process like this: Customer <-- [OpenERP France] <-- [OpenERP Belgium] <-- Supplier


Pull Flow Definition