This is the documentation for older versions of Odoo (formerly OpenERP).

See the new Odoo user documentation.

See the new Odoo technical documentation.


The Contribution Guide is intended as an overview and sometimes even a reference on the organization of the OpenERP Community and eco-system. It serves as a quick start helper document for new members of the OpenERP Community, but should prove quite useful to more experienced members as well, as it is frequently updated to follow the latest evolutions in the Community.

A few examples of the important topics you will find in the Contribution Guide:

  • A description of the different Community tools in use ;

  • A description of the various Community actors and teams ;

  • An explanation of the current Community Processes ;

  • A set of incrementally written guidelines, dedicated to each major contribution area.

Of course this documentation is not frozen, and one of the first areas everyone is invited to contribute to is the documentation itself!

In order to build the best enterprise management software ever created, we need to foster a perfect collaboration between all OpenERP actors. By joining the contributions and feedback from the Community, with the market knowledge and experience of Partners and the quality control and vision of the Publisher, we get the benefits of all worlds and create a great product for the Customers. This is the recipe of OpenERP's development and business model.

Launchpad, Community Platform

We use, an open source project management and collaboration platform, as our code hosting facility and community platform. All OpenERP-related projects are aggregated under the meta OpenObject project group.

OpenERP more specifically uses the following Launchpad features, as further detailed in this guide:

Anyone in the OpenERP Community is free to use any of the above features. The only requirement is to sign up on Launchpad and join the OpenERP Community team, which only requires a few clicks.

Some additional team memberships are required in order to accomplish specific tasks, as explained in the corresponding sections of this Contribution Guide.