This is the documentation for older versions of Odoo (formerly OpenERP).

See the new Odoo user documentation.

See the new Odoo technical documentation.

Gantt Views

Gantt view provides timeline view for the data. Generally, it can be used to display project tasks and resource allocation.

A Gantt chart is a graphical display of all the tasks that a project is composed of. Each bar on the chart is a graphical representation of the length of time the task is planned to take.

A resource allocation summary bar is shown on top of all the grouped tasks, representing how effectively the resources are allocated among the tasks.

Color coding of the summary bar is as follows:

  • Gray shows that the resource is not allocated to any task at that time

  • Blue shows that the resource is fully allocated at that time.

  • Red shows that the resource is overallocated

View Specification

Here is an example view:

<gantt color="user_id" date_delay="planned_hours" date_start="date_start" string="Tasks">
    <level object="project.project" link="project_id" domain="[]">
        <field name="name"/>

The attributes accepted by the gantt tag are similar to calendar view tag. The level tag is used to group the records by some many2one field. Currently, only one level is supported.

Here is the list of supported attributes for gantt tag:


The title string for the view.


A datetime field to specify the starting date for the gantt item. This attribute is required.


A datetime field to specify the end date. Ignored if date_delay attribute is specified.


A numeric field to specify time in hours for a record. This attribute will get preference over date_stop and date_stop will be ignored.


An integer value to specify working day length. Default is 8 hours.


A field, generally many2one, to colorize calendar/gantt items.


A string value to set default view/zoom mode. For gantt view, this can be one of following (default is month):

  • day

  • 3days

  • week

  • 3weeks

  • month

  • 3months

  • year

  • 3years

  • 5years

The level tag supports following attributes:


An openerp object having many2one relationship with view object.


The field name in current object that links to the given object.


The domain to be used to filter the given object records.

Drag and Drop

The left side pane displays list of the tasks grouped by the given level field. You can reorder or change the group of any records by dragging them.

The main content pane displays horizontal bars plotted on a timeline grid. A group of bars are summarized with a top summary bar displaying resource allocation of all the underlying tasks.

You can change the task start time by dragging the tasks horizontally. While end time can be changed by dragging right end of a bar.


The time is calculated considering day_length so a bar will span more then one day if total time for a task is greater then day_length value.