This is the documentation for older versions of Odoo (formerly OpenERP).

See the new Odoo user documentation.

See the new Odoo technical documentation.


To manage alerts on products or partners, you can install the warning module. Once that is installed, you will be able to configure a series of alerts on the partners or products by setting parameters in the new Warnings tab on each of the forms.

You can select any of the following types of warnings and create different warnings for purchases and for sales:

  • No Message: This option will not display a message.

  • Warning: This option will show the user the message entered.

  • Blocking Message: The message displayed will cause an exception and block the workflow.

You can activate alerts for a series of events. For each alert, you should enter a message that will be displayed when the event concerned is started.


Management of alerts on partners

The available warnings in the partner form are:

  • Create a warning for a sales order,

  • Create a warning for a purchase order,

  • Create a warning for a delivery to a partner (or receiving an item),

  • Create a warning when invoicing a partner.

For example, if you enter an alert for the invoicing of a customer, for an accountant entering an invoice for that customer, the alert message will be attached as shown in the figure Alert from Invoicing a Customer.


Alert from Invoicing a Customer


Management of Alerts on Products

The alerts that can be configured on a product form are related to:

  • The sales of that product,

  • The purchase of that product.

A practical example:

Now when could you use such an alert? Suppose that your customer asks you to never make any deliveries on Tuesday morning, because the street is blocked due to a weekly market. You surely would like your transporter to be aware of this, so it could be useful to have a kind of message printed by default on each delivery order for this customer. To do this, you could create a Warning on the Picking in the Customer form of the partner concerned, saying that no deliveries are allowed on Tuesday morning.