This is the documentation for older versions of Odoo (formerly OpenERP).

See the new Odoo user documentation.

See the new Odoo technical documentation.

OpenERP Installation on Linux

The installation procedure for OpenERP 6.1 under Linux is explained in this chapter. This procedure is well tested on Ubuntu version 10.04 LTS. For those familiar with earlier OpenERP versions, the 6.1 series has a different architecture:

  • The web client is now embedded in the main OpenERP Server, and does not require separate deployment

  • The native GTK client is preserved as a legacy component, but the recommended way to use OpenERP is the web interface, as for all modern applications. There is usually no need to install the GTK client at all.

For Debian-based distributions, OpenERP is available as an All-In-One application package (.deb), that can be installed with a simple click. The package is available on the OpenERP website's download page

For RedHat-based platforms, an experimental RPM distribution is available in our nightly builds. See the downloads page for more details.

For other Linux distributions and for those who prefer a manual installation, there are only two steps to deploy OpenERP under Linux: install PostgreSQL, the database engine used by OpenERP, then install OpenERP itself. These steps are described in the following sections: